Vision & Values

Our mission is to provide good quality patient-centred care to our registered patient population and to our locality. 

The practice has an aspirational Vision and some core Values that it works towards, reflects on when setting business objectives and delivers team training against.


Woodlands & Clerklands Partnership is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our patients. We will do this through collaborative working and the creation of a learning environment. To this end we intend to deliver both a deliberate, planned and sustainable quality of patient-centred care to both our patient population and the wider locality.


  • To deliver good quality patient-centred care
    Good Access | Good Customer Service | Timely Service | Valued Patients Efficient Service |Patient Involvement | Indivualised Care | Informed Patients Improved Wellbeing |Continuity of Care
  • To work as a collaborative team
    To ensure that the Patients/Nursing/Doctor and Administrative Teams work together to create patient-centred solutions
  • To maintain a harmonious content workforce
    We should feel Valued | Supported | Confident | Trained | Involved | Empowered
  • To create a culture of learning
    To listen to our patients, our staff, to continuously improve through learning
  • To be a proactive and aspirational business
    To be aware of environmental influences to better enable a proactive and sustainable future
  • To create a healthy work/life balance for all
    To value each other equally

The practice fully supports the NHS Constitution for England.