Statement of Purpose

Woodlands/Clerklands Partnership Provider ID 1-199745168
Location 1-552877570

Woodlands/Clerklands Partnership is required to develop and publish a statement of purpose. The aim is to ensure that people who use our services benefit from the knowledge that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is informed of the services being provided.

Regulated Activity

  • Surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures
  • Family planning
  • Maternity and midwifery services
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

Service Providers

Drs Birch, Panesar, Abdulle, Salajee, Dullo, Gupta & Cheema

Registered Manager(s)

Dr PanesarWoodlands & Clerklands Partnership

Ongoing Review and Notifying the CQC of Changes

The Statement of Purpose must be kept under review, and where appropriate, must be revised to reflect current services. Written details of any revision to the Statement of Purpose must be sent to the CQC within 28 days of any such revision. The review of the Statement of Purpose and any required revisions and subsequent notifications to the CQC have been delegated to the Registered Managers.

About Woodlands/Clerklands Partnership

Mission Statement

  • To place quality patient care and the centre of our decision making
  • To provide primary care essential services in line with our GMS contract
  • To work with allied health professionals in the delivery of primary care health and wellbeing solutions in line with the CQC Key Lines Of Enquiries (KLOEs) ensuring we are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led

Strategic goals

Providing quality ‘patient centred’ care ~ To provide high quality, safe, innovative clinical care and treatment that meets the expectations of service users, their carers’ and the requirements of commissioners and regulators.

Creating a collaborative, solution focused, working team ~ developing collaborative care that will promote recovery, social inclusion and mental wellbeing for the service users and registered population.

Creating a harmonious, content workforce ~ investing and valuing our team allows us to build mutual, respectful relationships with each other and most importantly, with service users.

Creating a cultural ‘learning environment’ in which to deliver care ~ Working with our clinical experts and our administrative support team to provide a health working environment designed to aid effective delivery of essential services to the registered population. To learn from our services users with the aim of meeting their changing needs and deliver tailored healthcare solutions.

Create an aspirational business model ~ we work to tie in our business development plans with the presenting needs and expectations of our patient population alongside changing government policy and environmental influences. Innovation and flexibility are the watchwords we use to ensure that we are providing a service that is fit for the future.

Maintain a healthy work/life balance for all ~ as an organisation we invest in our team, to provide them with the training and development they need in order to deliver the high quality care to our registered patients. We are also equal opportunities employer and work with our team in different ways to bring about a focused, safe and effective level of quality care to patients.

Our Services

Essential Services ~ we provide Essential Services under the terms of our GMS contract from 08:00 – 18:30 hours, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) ~ we provide services under QOF with the aim of providing measurable care to patients with one or more Long Term Condition (LTC). We will also provide Additional Services under QOF to include cervical cytology screening, contraceptive services, child health surveillance and maternity services.

Locally Commissioned Services ~ we provide additional services based on the local needs of the patient population. These services also include (but are not limited to) public health vaccination campaigns, including flu, shingles pneumococcal and catch up campaigns for childhood vaccinations. It also includes (but is not limited to) Extended Hours, Admission Avoidance, Near Patient Testing, Learning Disabilities and family planning.