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Update on the Shielded Patients List (Clinically Extremely Vulnerably patients) Posted on 1 Mar 2021

As you may have seen on the news yesterday, a large number of patients have been added to the Shielded Patients List based on an analysis of their risk factors. The analysis was carried out using the QCovid tool developed by the University of Oxford, and takes into account factors such as age, ethnicity, BMI and specific health conditions and treatments. You can read much more information about this analysis on the NHS Digital website.

The QCovid tool can also be used by clinicians like doctors to assess the risk factor for individual patients. You can read more information about this on another page from NHS Digital. We have updated our privacy notice to include information about the QCovid tool.

Some patients who have been added to the Shielded Patients List may find out about this before we as your GP practice do, particularly if you were contacted by email. Please bear with us and allow a couple of days for our lists to be updated by NHS Digital.

All patients who have been newly added to the Shielded Patients List will be contacted with an invitation for the COVID-19 vaccination as a priority.


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